Pollardstown Fen
Signage Project

Multi-signage project on behalf of National Parks and Wildlife Service. Complex project with large amounts of images, illustrations and maps. All installed in one of our natural wildlife treasures.

Front Line Defenders
Annual Report
The annual Global Analysis is a vital publication from this human rights organisation. It is a privilege to be involved with its production.
'Arthur's Way'
Signage Project

A large tourism-based project involving multiple display units, road signs, posters, leaflets, and some spin-off material for online use. Delivered on behalf of Kildare Tourism.

Slieve Bloom
Signage Project

Another substantial signage project for the Ridge of Capard. Project on behalf of National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Serial Newsletter
for ICCL

Regular print publication for
the Irish Council of Civil Liberties.

Russborough House
Signage Project

Multi-signage project for one
of Ireland's leading Georgian houses

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Welcome to The Drawing Board


We specialise in information signage for the tourist industry, including wildlife, the environment, heritage and history. Give us a call for a no-obligations chat.


We have been producing quality print publications for years. That includes reports, magazines, books, posters, fliers; no job is too big or too small.


All projects need great images. We have years of experience in branding, illustration and photography (and even videography), so if you’re stuck for an image, we can probably help.


The Drawing Board has been in business for more years than we care to mention. We’ve worked with some great clients. We can handle your project from the very first phone call to the hand-over, whether that’s a business start-up logo and branding, an ongoing annual report or newsletter, or perhaps something a little more ambitious.

See our portfolio of work. Hopefully there is something there that tickles your fancy. Drop us a line. Let’s have a chat.





We will handle your signage project from start to finish. On-site meetings, research, copywriting, map production, illustration, design and layout, installation and overall advice. It's always a pleasure working on signage projects with clients. These projects are invariably local in nature, and are the culmination of a lot of hard work and fundraising efforts. It's wonderful to see the results on display at the end of it all.

Print Production

Print Production

With decades of experience in design, we've handled many different types of print publications over the years. From the basic company stationery, fliers, folders, reports, magazines, books, posters and a whole range of other items, such as vehicle wraps and marketing mailshots. If you have any questions, just ask. It's not your job to know the difference between offset litho and digital. That's ours.



Branding. Corporate ID. Logo. Call it what you will, but your first visual mark on the world as a business or organisation is your logo. You may as well make it a good one. We've helped numerous businesses over the years with their first steps into the world of visuals. And when it comes to working with established brands, we also pay attention; a company's logo should be a cherished thing.



The image is a powerful tool. Well-crafted copy is the ideal companion, but it's the visual aspect that does all the heavy lifting. Good quality photography is always worth the money, and as a substitute, quality stock. Poor images can really let your project down. We can help; either by supplying the images from our own collection, or sourcing the right ones for the job. In addition, our Photoshop skills can smooth the path, or we can illustrate as required.



We have always been aware of the demands of the busy world. As my Dad would say, we all want 'a Rolls Royce for Morris Minor money'. Well, we may not be able to stretch the metaphor that far, but we can certainly make your budget work for you in the most effective way possible. You don't work in the trade this long without picking up a few tips, and these we are happy to pass on to you.


Our Team

Declan Kenny

Declan Kenny

Creative Director

The cornerstone of the agency. Declan is the Creative Director, and most likely the guy you will be chatting to on the phone about your project. He's usually found slaving over a hot computer. If his swivel chair is empty, he'll probably be making tea.

Dec 'ag rith' Kenny

Dec 'ag rith' Kenny

Heading Out The Door

Dec is an active sort of fellow. Hard to pin down. Probably should be at the computer, but more likely to be cursing at a Garmin watch, or out running somewhere. Skills include signing up for races and coaxing Garmin watches to reveal their secrets.

Deagláin O'Cheannaigh

Deagláin O'Cheannaigh

Chief Carver of Things

Deagláin is an interesting character. If you need a museum-quality exhibit carved from wood, then he's probably the one you want. Even as the world crumbles around our ears, this guy will still be carving a spoon somewhere, or casting a critical eye on a knot in a piece of timber.

Deco 'fear dóiteáin' Kenny

Deco 'fear dóiteáin' Kenny

Never Where We Left Him

Deco is an odd sort. Generally tend to leave him to his own devices. One minute you're chatting away, and the next, his alerter goes off, and he's gone. Handy man in a crisis. Some useful IT skills. Does this annual moustache thing every November. But like we said – odd.

Dee 'ag snámh' Kenny

Dee 'ag snámh' Kenny

We'll Have To Check His Garmin

This variation on a theme is a close cousin to the running man version. Can be found in neoprene or lycra, which is to say, in a wetsuit, or on a bike. Has no tangible benefit to graphic design as far as we can tell. But it keeps him happy, and that's the main thing.

The Duke

The Duke

Musical Director

Most graphic types are also musical in some way. Here at The Drawing Board we don't like to disappoint. The Duke owns a number of guitars, that number being unknown. There is no such thing as too many guitars. Anyway, gag's over. Move along...

Some Fun Facts

The number of cups of tea I drink a day, on average. I like it strong, a little milk, no sugar, thanks.
For some odd reason, this is the most popular number people pick nearly 10% of the time. It's also mine!
Minus 40 degrees, or ``40 Below,`` is the only temperature that is the same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

From the Blog

Taking the p!ss

Say ‘colour’ to a designer and they’ll probably say ‘Pantone’ back at ya. It does sometimes bemuse me that a company can copyright colour, per se, but hey, ho, I guess it’s a regular feature of any business. Paint manufacturers still haven’t run out of ways of saying ‘off-white’. So it should be no surprise that Pantone have teamed up with a bottled water company to check your hydration levels, according to the colour of your pee. (And who had ‘we’re gonna make billions bottling and selling water’ on their Big Business Bingo Card a few decades ago? Time to cash in those chips).

All we’ll say here at The Drawing Board (being fellows that like to exercise a lot) is that if you need to check your urine against a chart, you’re probably already suffering some form of mental distress. Keep it simple. Drink plenty of water. Not necessarily from a bottle either.

As an aside, your nose will tell you more about your whizz than your eyes. If you can smell it, you’re not hydrated. That, or you’ve been drinking way too much coffee, or you have a UTI.

Anyway, ignore the chart. But do drink water.

(Found the chart here:

Read all about it…

This rather splendid piece of guerrilla warfare on certain sections of the UK press was designed by Darren Cullen (

Irish readers may not be familiar with all the logos, though I don’t doubt you’ll guess some of them. From top down: The Mail, The Express, The Times. The Metro and The Sun. Big brands obviously jealousy guard their logos, and pump a lot of money into getting them out there, in front of your eyeballs. That means that their ‘power’ can also be turned on their owners. Shots fired!

Now that’s a logo…

Irish historian Damian Shiels rooted out this impressive piece of work recently on Twitter. You can find his original post here:

You can’t really consider these pieces ‘logos’ in the modern sense, but they were certainly rich, artistically, and quite literal.

Follow Damian for more funky historical content.

Artists, huh!

This popped up on one of my social media feeds over the weekend and it caught my eye. You may have seen some of the ads recently in the British media, trying to convince ballet dancers to retrain as IT consultants, or something. Whatever point the ad was trying to make was totally lost in the maelstrom of abuse that naturally followed. Not only do a lot of people like ballet, it also transpires that the creative (read ‘artistic’) community are rather useful. For a start, as many pointed out, the ad you were reading required quite a number of creative types to produce. Creative directors, lighting people, photographers, copywriters, design and layout artists; quite a list, really.

The graphic above was, as you have astutely observed by now, also created by a designer. As Dodd Loomis has pointed out with great comedic effect.

Good on, ya Dodd. Wherever you are.

It’s just paper, right?

Paper sizes are just one of a long list of things we take for granted in our lives. Indeed, many folk who work with paper all the time don’t even question it. That’s fine. We’re all busy.

But there’s some really interesting reading behind the whole A size of papers. The most common size (you probably have a sheet somewhere within an ass’s roar) is A4, which is 297mm high by 210mm wide. Odd measurements? Yep. Is there a reason. Of course!

Interested? read more here and then take a deeper dive here.

Who’s that girl?

Aung San Suu Kyi (born June 19, 1945 in YangonBurma) is a human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and former State Counsellor of Myanmar. She brought democracy to her country with nonviolence. She is the leader of the National League for Democracy in Burma and a famous prisoner. She has been on house arrest multiple times. Suu Kyi won the Rafto Prize and the Sakharov Prize in 1990, and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. In 1992, she was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru peace prize.

So begins the Wikipedia entry. Her star has fallen of late; well, perhaps fallen is a bit harsh, but it’s tarnished without doubt.

Anyway, it’s a very live issue right now, and deeply contentious. One thing you can say for sure; a military coup is rarely the answer.

But it reminded me of happier times. We designed this banner for the side of Liberty Hall in 2012. Seems like a lifetime ago for me. I’m sure many in Myanmar would feel the same…

Greetings, Earthlings!

It’s a funny old world out there at the minute. For us here at The Drawing Board, self-isolation is something we’ve been training for. Such is the lot of the freelancer. Not that we are locked away in a dungeon. Not at all. In fact, we are perilously close to the kitchen and have seen off several electric kettles in our time.

So rest assured, if you have a project that needs work (even during Level 5 Lockdown), we can get to work for you right away.

Drop us a line today.

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