Artists, huh!

This popped up on one of my social media feeds over the weekend and it caught my eye. You may have seen some of the ads recently in the British media, trying to convince ballet dancers to retrain as IT consultants, or something. Whatever point the ad was trying to make was totally lost in the maelstrom of abuse that naturally followed. Not only do a lot of people like ballet, it also transpires that the creative (read ‘artistic’) community are rather useful. For a start, as many pointed out, the ad you were reading required quite a number of creative types to produce. Creative directors, lighting people, photographers, copywriters, design and layout artists; quite a list, really.

The graphic above was, as you have astutely observed by now, also created by a designer. As Dodd Loomis has pointed out with great comedic effect.

Good on, ya Dodd. Wherever you are.