Taking the p!ss

Say ‘colour’ to a designer and they’ll probably say ‘Pantone’ back at ya. It does sometimes bemuse me that a company can copyright colour, per se, but hey, ho, I guess it’s a regular feature of any business. Paint manufacturers still haven’t run out of ways of saying ‘off-white’. So it should be no surprise that Pantone have teamed up with a bottled water company to check your hydration levels, according to the colour of your pee. (And who had ‘we’re gonna make billions bottling and selling water’ on their Big Business Bingo Card a few decades ago? Time to cash in those chips).

All we’ll say here at The Drawing Board (being fellows that like to exercise a lot) is that if you need to check your urine against a chart, you’re probably already suffering some form of mental distress. Keep it simple. Drink plenty of water. Not necessarily from a bottle either.

As an aside, your nose will tell you more about your whizz than your eyes. If you can smell it, you’re not hydrated. That, or you’ve been drinking way too much coffee, or you have a UTI.

Anyway, ignore the chart. But do drink water.

(Found the chart here: https://kottke.org/21/05/the-pantone-pee-chart)